APR 28th
HOLO || Brooklyn, NY

MAR 18th
the Glove || Brooklyn, NY

FEB 21st
Hart Bar || Brooklyn, NY

JAN 20th
Secret Project Robot || Brooklyn, NY

JAN 17th
Mudlark Theatre || New Orleans, LA

JAN 16th
Minicine || Shreveport, LA

JAN 14th
RBC || Dallas, TX

JAN 13th
XMAS Island w/ Sandy Ewen|| Houston, TX

JAN 12th
Leon's Lounge || Houston, TX

JAN 10th
Andy's Bar || Denton, TX

JAN 8th
Flight Gallery || San Antonio, TX

JAN 6th
Gold Horse || Albuquerque, NM

JAN 5th
Lunchbox|| Phoenix, AZ

JAN 4th
Salt House || Las Vegas, NV

JAN 2nd
Hyperion Tavern w/ Morgan Garrett || Los Angeles, CA

------------ SOLO TOUR ------------


DEC 12th
HOLO || SOLO || Brooklyn, NY

NOV 11th
HOLO || w/ Sandy Ewen || Brooklyn, NY

OCT 2nd
Secret Project Robot || w/ Sandy Ewen || Brooklyn, NY

AUG 11th
Record Shop || SOLO || Brooklyn, NY

AUG 10th
the Glove || w/ Michael Foster || Brooklyn, NY

JUL 22nd
the Glove || SOLO || Brooklyn, NY

JUL 13th
Holo || w/ Luke Stewart || Queens, NY

MAY 18th
Muchmore's || SOLO || Brooklyn, NY

MAY 15th
Blues Alley || w/ Heroes are Gang Leaders || Washington, D.C.

MAY 3rd
the Glove || SOLO || Brooklyn, NY

APR 23th
the Glove || Brooklyn, NY

APR 22th
The Menial Collection || Baltimore, MD

APR 21th
Rhizome || Washington, D.C.

------------RODENTICIDE TOUR------------

APR 14th
JACK || w/ Michael Foster || Brooklyn, NY

MAR 21st
Wonders of Nature || SOLO || Brooklyn, NY

MAR 14th
Legion || w/ Luke Stewart || Brooklyn, NY


DEC 8th
the Glove w/ Rodenticide & w/ Luke Stewart || Sediment Club, Dead Tenants, Morgan Garrett- Brooklyn, NY

NOV 10th
Mothership / Eris Temple w/ Rodenticide || ONO, Buck Gooter, Old Maybe - Philadelphia, PA

NOV 9th
Footlight w/ Rodenticide || Child Abuse, Gaute Granil, Macho Blush, Final Boss- Brooklyn, NY

OCT 27th
Loophole w/ Philipp Scholz || GRID, Kovacs & Dyberg feat. WJM - Berlin, Germany

OCT 26th
Dr. Seltsam w/ Philipp Scholz, Philipp Martin, & Konni Behrendtz || - Leipzig, Germany

OCT 8th
Muchmore's w/ Rodenticide || DREAMCRUSHER, New York Review of Cocksucking, Conduit, Münki

SEP 20th
Muchmore's w/ Philipp Scholz & Robert Lucaciu || GRID, Luke Stewart/ Peter Evans/ Weasel Walter/ Joey Chang, Reg Bloor - Brooklyn, NY

SEP 14th
Barracuda || Sonic Transmissions III Festival - Austin, TX

SEP 13th
Walter's Downtown || CARL, Ak'Chamel, Kai/Ros- Houston, TX

SEP 12th
BackYard On Bell || Flesh Narc, Thin Skin, Felt & Fur - Denton, TX

SEP 11th
RBC || Otonana Trio, Starfruit, Super Mook - Dallas, Texas

------------RODENTICIDE TOUR------------

AUG 24th
HOLO / SOLO || Dave Rempis/ Jaimie Branch, Kate Mohanty, Gordon Beeferman/ Kevin Shea/ Chris Cochrane - Queens, NY

JUL 29th
the Glove w/ Rodenticide || Bbigpigg, Thin Skin, Flesh Narc, Chaser

JUL 14th
Park Church Co-op w/ Isaiah Richardson Jr. || Peter Evans/ Rob Stabinsky/ Shayna Dunkleman, Marc Edwards Slipstream Time Travel, W-2

JUN 22nd
Silent Barn w/ Rodenticide || Turnip King, Sexual Jeremy, Harestylist

JUN 9th
603 ^ w/ Rodenticide || The Younger Lovers, Bless, Topics

MAY 24th
Silent Barn w/ Rodenticide || Weeping Icon, HSY, FRIGS, MONKI - Brooklyn, NY

APR 29th
Space 1026 w/ Rodenticide || Evil Sword, Cellular Chaos, Ursula - Philadelphia, PA

APR 28th
Saint Vitus w/ Rodenticide || Cellular Chaos, Ursula, Bi Tyrant

APR 26th
Otto's Shrunken Head / SOLO || - NY, NY

APR 5th
Matik Matik w/ Santiago Botero, Benjamin Calais, Darcy Cabrera, Daniel Piedrahita ||- Bogotá, Colombia

MAR 19th
Cobra Club w/ Rodenticide || Sun Castle, Spookfish, Woodhull

MAR 18th
Sunview Luncheonette / SOLO || New York Review of Cocksucking, Mitch Anzuoni, David Grollman, Cecilia Corrigan, Eames Armstrong

FEB 28th
Silent Barn w/ Rodenticide || Art Gray Noizz Quintet, Nebadon, Cyanide Tooth

FEB 17th
Park Church Co-op w/ Leila Bordreuil || Elder Ones, Weasel Walter/Tamio Shiraishi, GRID

JAN 26th
Silent Barn w/ Rodenticide || Chaser, Old Maybe, Prima

JAN 19th
Alphaville w/ Michael Foster || Boy Harsher, Sunk Heaven, Leya - Brooklyn, NY